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Cool Commute
Cool CO2mmute™ is a voluntary program that provides Interface associates with an opportunity to neutralize emissions generated from daily commuting and personal travel. While Interface encourages associates to participate in car-pooling and conference calling when possible, this program serves to neutralize unavoidable travel emissions. To encourage participation, Interface matches associate contributions to the program and provides those same funds to purchase and plant trees that will then neutralize climate impacts from their commutes.

The launch of the program in Troup County, Georgia in 2004 was in direct response to a manufacturing associate's inquiry as to how we might address the impact of our personal travel emissions. Her question followed a sustainability session on environmental impacts which included an explanation of how Interface was addressing the travel emissions generated by its Sales Force.

Cool CO2mmute™ is a very tangible demonstration of the "power of one" and how each Interface associate can make a direct contribution to lessen his or her carbon footprint.