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Supply Chain


Supplier Code of Conduct

Interface is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly. In this spirit, we have established a Supplier Code of Conduct to define the expectations and key standards we have regarding the operations of our suppliers. The Interface Supplier Code of Conduct can be found HERE.

Supply Chain Engagement

From the initial Request-for-Proposal process to Supplier Summits to one-on-one connections, Interface engages with its suppliers to help drive our sustainability progress by helping them to understand and reduce their impacts.

Interface recently partnered with a major university to provide sustainability training to two of our core yarn suppliers. The training summits included educational sessions from the university as well as presentations from Interface associates, all with the goal of furthering our supplier’s sustainability progress and encouraging them to support us on our mission.

We have also held supplier summits at our own factories, introducing suppliers to our mission and educating them on our business strategies, our operational objectives, our supply chain processes, our use of life cycle assessment and our adoption of Environmental Product Declarations. Our life cycle assessment work has taught us that the majority of our environmental impact is from our raw materials, making it essential for us to engage with our suppliers to meet our goals. From these conversations, Interface has worked with suppliers to successfully develop industry leading innovations.

Interface has successfully driven our Life Cycle Assessment efforts up the supply chain by working one-on-one with suppliers to provide primary data for our LCA of our products. This allows us to more accurately measure the impacts of our raw material choices, and also provides our suppliers with knowledge of their own impacts.