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Interface is committed to the health and safety of its 3,500 associates around the world. We are creating a culture where every employee in the company understands that safety is his responsibility.

Interface Safety Vision

It is imperative that all our employees understand and believe that they are Interface’s most valuable asset and that their health and safety is our priority (and a core value of our Company). Our ambitious goal is simple – to have a completely injury-free workplace. Toward that end, we will commit resources to provide a safe work environment at each of our locations worldwide.

Global Safety Programs

We have implemented global programs designed to engage associates in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Safety Corrections

    The Safety Corrections program encourages all associates to recognize and correct safety risks, including unsafe actions and physical hazards. The purpose of this program is to enhance employee engagement in safety, increase risk recognition, and empower associates to correct hazards.

  • Safety Connections

    The purpose of Safety Connections is to promote a strong safety culture by encouraging interactions and communication between leaders and associates on issues related to safety. Our goal is for each supervisor/leader to make at least one Safety Connection per week.

  • Critical Risk Surveys

    Critical Risk Surveys are designed to reduce the risk of serious injury. Each supervisor is expected to complete a Critical Risk Survey once per shift per week.

Safety Performance

Interface’s safety performance is a testament to our commitment to creating and maintaining a safe working environment for our associates. Our Total Reportable Accident Frequency Rate has declined 67% from 3.95 in 1999 to 1.31 in 2014.