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Interface's sustainability journey is made more focused by measuring our progress.

Our EcoMetrics™ measurement system is designed to quantify the “metabolism” of our operations. In other words, how much we take, in terms of materials and energy, how much we make, in terms of product, and how much we waste, in terms of wastes and emissions.


2016 Highlights

  • Footprint – The average carbon footprint of our carpet is down 35% since 2008
  • Energy – Energy efficiency at manufacturing sites has improved by 43% since 1996
  • Renewable Energy87% of energy used at manufacturing sites is from renewable sources
  • GHG Emissions – GHG emissions intensity at manufacturing sites is down 95% since 1996
  • Raw Materials58% of raw materials used to make carpet are either recycled or biobased
  • Water – Total water intake intensity at manufacturing sites is down 86% since 1996
  • ReEntry – Diverted 10 million pounds of post-consumer carpet from landfills
  • Net-Works – Collected and shipped 84 thousand pounds of fishing nets to our recycling partner
  • Safety Performance – Total Accident Frequency Rate is down 77% from 1999


Energy Use at Carpet Factories is down 43%.


Renewable Energy Use

Renewable Energy Use at Carpet Factories has increased to 87%


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Carpet Factories are down 95%.


Recycled & Biobased Material Use

Recycled & Biobased Material Use at Carpet Factories is up to 58%


Water Use

Water User Per Unit of Product at Carpet Factories is Down 86%