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Challenges to Mission Zero

We see the path to reach our Mission Zero® goals, but there are challenges that we must overcome to get there. As we work toward our goals, we face challenges ranging from technology barriers to employee engagement. Innovative solutions are constantly being balanced with the cost of implementation. We’ve successfully overcome many challenges through innovative thinking and collaboration with our stakeholders, and we’re excited about our next leg of the climb.

Sourcing Raw Materials

Sourcing Raw Materials for Closed Loop Products
Replacing our virgin, petro-chemically derived fibers with recycled fibers is one of the biggest challenges we face - the transition to recycled and biobased fibers is complex and costly. We’re working closely with our nylon suppliers, and are pioneering a recycling system, called ReEntry®, to produce recycled materials from old carpets. ReEntry is proving the power of partnership - we’ve greatly expanded our access to recycled nylon and are starting to see a path to producing closed loop carpet products. Watch the Video

Zero Footprint

Achieving Zero Footprint
Our ambitious sustainability goals include reducing our impacts on the environment to achieve zero environmental footprint. Our people have embraced this bold vision, and we’ve already achieved progress beyond our imagination. This is a goal that demands constant improvement and attention, but the ambition of this goal encourages us to dream big and accomplish things we never thought possible. Watch the Video

Sustaining an Engaged Culture

Sustaining an Engaged Culture
Our sustainability vision has transformed the culture at Interface®, but building an engaged culture is an ongoing process. We need to sustain a culture that keeps our people connected to Mission Zero and empowered to effect change. By stimulating organizational learning, creating forums for idea-sharing and celebrating successes, we hope to foster new thinking. Watch the Video