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When Interface® first began our Mission Zero® journey, we started by focusing on waste, adopting aggressive zero waste goals (FRONT #1). To drive progress toward these goals, we created programs that defined, measured and communicated our efforts.

At Interface, we have a broad definition for waste: any cost that does not produce value to customers. This includes everything from scrap materials and defective product to misdirected shipments or incorrect invoices. As our waste reduction efforts evolved, we extended our definition of waste to consider our entire supply chain. Waste reduction has been a powerful motivator at the factory level – many of our early successes came from enterprising employees.


Waste Elimination

We’ve gone beyond the walls of the factory to examine all aspects of our business for opportunities to reduce and eliminate waste, including product design, packaging and transportation.

Our waste reduction efforts have resulted in a 91% decrease in total waste to landfills from our carpet factories since 1996.


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