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Net Effect

Net Effect Release Dates
Americas - June 2013
Australia - Auguest 2013
Asia Pacific - September 2013
EMEAI - September 2013

As humans, we are hardwired to respond to the colors we see in the natural world, and blue is by far the most prevalent. Designer David Oakey was moved by an interview with noted oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, realizing how closely entwined our futures are with the massive water systems on the planet, and how vital it is for us to protect them.



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The Net Effect collection was inspired by our
largest natural resources, our beautiful oceans.

Biomimicry (or the art of imitating nature's best ideas) has been a foundation of Interface design for years. We have found that beauty in design doesn't simply mean the aesthetic end result of our product, but also the cumulative impact of our process - and that, when the two are synchronous, it can result in something as powerful as our newest collection, Net Effect.

Though Interface creates carpet tiles in the fixed angles of squares and planks, the colorways in the Net Effect collection reflect the undulating waves of our oceans and seas, in blends of swirling sapphires, aqueous aquamarines and turbulent teals.