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Dan Hendrix
Chairman of the Board
Interface, Inc. (Nasdaq: TILE)

Dan Hendrix was elected Chairman of the Board in October 2011, having served on the board since October 1996. He joined the Company in 1983 after having worked previously for a national accounting firm. He was promoted to Treasurer of the Company in 1984, Chief Financial Officer in 1985, Vice President-Finance in 1986, Senior Vice President-Finance in 1995, Executive Vice President in 2000, and President and Chief Executive Officer in July 2001. He served as President of Interface until Jan. 2016 and as CEO until March 2017.

Mr. Hendrix served as a director of office technology solutions provider Global Imaging Systems, Inc. from 2003 to 2007, and has served as a director of American Woodmark Corporation since May 2005. With more than 30 years of service at the Company, Mr. Hendrix brings to the Board a unique understanding of our strategies and operations. His experience extends to virtually all aspects of the Company’s business, but with a particular emphasis on strategic planning and financial matters. His tenure provides consistent leadership to the Board, and facilitates the interrelationship between the Board and the Company’s executive leadership team.

John Bradford
Chief Innovations Officer

As Chief Innovations Officer for Interface, John oversees all manufacturing operations and processes for Interface, as well as for the overall R&D efforts for the company. John joined Interface in 1997 and has held a number of key positions in manufacturing and technology and development, including operational responsibilities. This experience gives him a unique knowledge foundation and perspective for addressing a variety of audiences. He is passionate about looking at products and processes from an entire life cycle impact on the environment.

Mikhail Davis
Director of Restorative Enterprise
Interface, Inc.

Mikhail Davis is Director of Restorative Enterprise at Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet. He is responsible for building partnerships and strategies that shift the marketplace toward sustainability and support the company’s efforts to become a restorative enterprise. He leads Interface’s product transparency efforts in the US and is lead author and editor of the Radical Industrialists column at GreenBiz.com. An expert in sustainable materials and NGO collaborations, he represents Interface in many organizations focused on closed-loop production, recycling, and chemicals of concern, including serving as Co-Chair of the Materials Working Group of BizNGO and a Core Committee member of the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative's Manufacturer Advisory Panel (MAP), and Program Advisor to the Next Generation Bio-based and Sustainable Chemicals Summit.

He has over 15 years of experience as a strategic advisor, analyst, designer, and manager for sustainability programs in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. His previous work includes three years as manager to environmental icon David Brower (an original member of Interface's "Eco Dream Team") and five years with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting building sustainable business strategies and tools for Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Sony Pictures, Bunge, Staples, and Waste Management. He holds a B.S. in Earth Systems-Biosphere from Stanford University and is a certified Biomimicry Specialist.

Chip DeGrace
Chief Design Officer
Interface, Inc.

Chip DeGrace is the creative force behind the Interface and FLOR brands, serving as the corporate design conscience. As Chief Design Officer, Chip oversees creative decisions related to Interface’s global brand, and ensures that the quality of design participation inside and outside the company is as deliberate as it is inspiring.

Chip has held a number of senior management positions involving Interface’s creative design and brand, most recently as Executive Creative Director since 2012. Prior to that he was Vice President Creative for Interface’s consumer brand, FLOR. Before becoming part of the team that launched FLOR in 2003, Chip served as Vice President of Creative Strategies and Director of Brand Management for the Interface commercial brand. He previously worked as a commercial interior designer for the Chicago based firms The Environments Group and ISD.

Chip has a BFA from Northern Illinois University. He served as Industry Representative on the National Board of Directors of The ASID from 2004 – 2006. He was elected as an honorary Fellow for his work. He splits his time between Northern Michigan and the Chicago area with his wife Cynthia and their three sons.

Nadine Gudz
Director, Sustainability Strategy
Interface Canada, Inc.

As Director, Sustainability Strategy, Nadine is responsible for strategically leveraging and expanding Interface’s environment and sustainability leadership position in order to help increase visibility of the company’s Mission Zero™ vision through communication, education and community engagement.

Erin Meezan 
Vice President, Sustainability
Interface, Inc.

In 1994, modular carpetmaker Interface shifted the vision and focus of its manufacturing to becoming a sustainable and ultimately restorative enterprise. This transformational shift changed the companies processes, products, but also its people. A by product of the new thinking that this sustainability focus ushered in was a new way of doing business, a changed culture that took hold in all levels of the company from management teams to factory employees. Interface has acknowledged the importance of this unique culture of sustainability in driving innovation and retaining and attracting talented employees.

As Vice President of Sustainability for Interface, Erin gives voice to the company’s conscience, ensuring that strategy and goals are in sync with the aggressive sustainability vision established almost 20 years ago. She leads a team that provides technical assistance and support to the company’s global business, addressing sustainability at all levels– from operations and management, to employees and customers, and in policy forums. And she also keeps a finger on the pulse of the company’s transformed culture, a by product of sustainability thinking that has been critical in driving innovation and retaining and attracting talented employees. Erin and her team are focused on nourishing and reinforcing the unique culture, and also on documenting its evolution. Erin is a frequent lecturer on sustainable business to senior management teams, universities and the growing green consumer sector. She has spoken at a variety of conferences and forums including: Bioneers, Greenbuild, SXSW, Businesses for Social Responsibility and others. Erin is a magna cum laude graduate of the Vermont Law School, where she earned her Masters Degree in Studies in Environmental Law and her Juris Doctor degree.

Eric Nelson
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Interface Americas

As Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Interface Americas, Eric is leading Interface’s efforts to maintain strong relationships with critical suppliers, as well as seek strategic potential suppliers both within and outside of our industry. In 2007, Eric took over a new and important business for Interface called ReEntry 2.0, Interface’s closed-loop process that recycles all types of carpet yarn and carpet backing and remakes them into beautiful products. As part of this process, Eric works closely with Interface’s vendors (such as Universal Fibers) to understand and fulfill their strategic business needs and to see how their services may be aligned into this new business model.

David Oakey
Lead Product Designer for Interface
Founder, David Oakey Designs

David Oakey is quietly, patiently passionate about what he does and what he stands for. Nature-based design principles, known as “biomimicry,” are fast becoming mainstream –in part because of David’s work. But when David first encountered these ideas in the 1990's, the notion of seeking design concepts from nature was considered “out there,” practiced primarily on the eco-fringe of the design world.

In the late 1990's, David – already a successful textiles designer – was influenced by two significant events. First, Ray Anderson of Interface, with whom David had just signed a three-year design contract, stated that Interface would become a sustainable company. Second, David read Janine Benyus’s book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. These two events changed his approach to design - and ultimately changed his entire business model and his life. Since then, he’s become one of the foremost advocates of biomimicry and sustainable design, leading global efforts to educate, inspire, and inform everyone from architects to business leaders around the world.

Nigel Stansfield
Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer
Interface, Inc.

As Chief Innovations Officer, Nigel has global responsibility for developing and implementing Interface’s strategy to have a more open and collaborative approach to innovation, which Interface calls Co- innovation. With over 25 years’ experience as a textile technologist, Nigel is an expert in yarn, carpet and fabric manufacture. He has been instrumental in developing Net-Works, a unique global business and conservation partnership between Interface and the conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Net-Works aims to tackle the growing global environmental problem of discarded fishing nets while providing socio-economic benefits in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities and improving Interface’s business.

Pieter van der Toorn
Senior Vice President, Sales

As Senior Vice President of Sales for Interface, Pieter oversees sales operations and account representatives in eight regions of the United States. Pieter has served in a number of leadership marketing and sales positions with Interface since 1987. Pieter speaks to a number of customer groups, trade associations, and corporate teams each year on sales strategies and managing and servicing global accounts, including leveraging purchasing power and product offerings around the world. He also talks about Interface’s strengths-based culture as it relates to recruitment and training of a world-class sales force.