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505 Companies Make Tops in New B2B Industry-Standard Sustainability Ranking

Release date: 1/7/2008

Sustainable Productivity Seal of Approval, SUPR Seal™ List Released

“Finally, a Ranking of Companies with the Top Environment and Sustainability Offerings—Picks That Won’t Get Me Fired.”
GE, Dell, Oracle, PG&E, Marriott, Interface, Disney, Waste Management, UPS, GM, MeadWestvaco, Masco, Occidental, ExxonMobil Among American Tops in Their Industry

NEW YORK (January 7, 2008) –  The 2008 Sustainable Productivity Seal of Approval, or SUPR Seal™ list ranking 505 companies in the top 14 business-to-business industries as the best in environmental sustainability, will be released January 7 as a free online resource.  The list will debut online at www.SUPRSeal.com on or before Noon EST on Monday January 7.
Business-to-business or B2B purchasing surveys show that today, up to 48% of all buying decisions turn on environmental and sustainability impact.  While consumer products have several green ratings, SUPR Seal™ is the first comprehensive sustainability rating specifically covering non-healthcare B2B offerings.  The SUPR Seal™ list ranks Russell 1000® companies who are in the top two quartiles in their industry according to a four-area, 80-criteria ranking as calculated by IW Financial, the leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) rankings.  
The SUPR Seal™ list ranks the 505 top companies in the 14 largest B2B segments: Auto & Vehicles, Builders & Building Products, Chemical, Energy, Financial Services, Media, Paper & Packaging & Printing, Technology-Hardware, Technology-Software & Services, Textiles, Transportation, Travel & Lodging, Utilities, and Waste Management.
The 14 top American 2008 SUPR Seal™-rated companies in their category include: Waste Management (waste management category), Oracle (software), Dell (hardware), Walt Disney (media), ExxonMobil (chemical), Occidental Petroleum (energy), PG&E (utilities), Marriott International (travel & lodging), Interface Inc. (textiles), UPS (transport), GM (auto & vehicles), GE (financial services), MeadWestvaco (paper, printing & packaging) and Masco (building & building products).  Non-American-based Russell 1000® companies are also featured in the 2008 SUPR Seal™ list.
“Over 2 years I took over 100 calls asking for B2B sustainability rankings. But despite the obvious need and the fact that many green rankings of consumer companies, nobody ranked B2B firms, probably because B2B is much bigger and more complex than consumer sustainability.  So I found the right methodology and partners and started the company to build it,” says SUPR Seal™ founder and CRO (Corporate Responsibility Officer) Magazine publisher Jay Whitehead.  “The numbers show that online B2B buying is about 10 times larger than consumer buying.  Offline, B2B buying also is much bigger than consumer.  Now with the SUPR Seal™ list,  B2B procurement, manufacturing, IT, marketing, operations and transport execs can know which companies are the safe environmental and sustainability bet—the companies they can pick and not get fired.”
SUPR Seal™-rated companies will be featured in the Sustainable Productivity Seal of Approval, or SUPR Seal™ Conference & Expo on June 11-12, 2008 at the Rosemont Convention Center adjacent Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.  The Conference and Expo will feature over 100 headline-grabbing and expert speakers from SUPR Seal™-rated companies addressing more than 2,500 operations-level executive attendees in procurement, IT, manufacturing, marketing, engineering, transport, who are increasingly focused on partnering only with companies offering the best sustainability value propositions.

About SUPR Seal: The Sustainable Productivity Seal of Approval, or SUPR Seal™ is the first comprehensive sustainability rating for non-healthcare companies in the 14 largest B2B industries.  The 2008 list screened the Russell 1000® in four areas and scored over 80 criteria as calculated by ESG ratings leader IW Financial, Inc.  The privately-held company was founded in 2007 by CRO Magazine publisher Jay Whitehead along with IW Financial, Crossing Media CEO Elliot Clark, sustainability investor James Lincoln and conference management leader James Forberg of G2 Media.  In addition to producing the SUPR Seal™ list, the company also produces the world’s largest B2B sustainability events, the SUPR Seal™ Conference & Expo, featuring SUPR Seal™-rated companies.  Company is based in Edison, NJ.  More information at www.SUPRSeal.com.
About IW Financial: IW Financial is a leading provider of objective research and technology solutions that help financial professionals evaluate the environmental, social, and governance performance of companies. IW Financial's solutions help organizations identify risks, enhance productivity, provide higher levels of service, increase revenues, and retain productive advisors. Our clients include investment firms, banks, endowments, religious organizations, universities, and advisors. Portfolio managers, research analysts, marketing and customer service professionals, compliance professionals, and investment committees at these organizations rely on IW Financial for in-depth and actionable information. 
About The CRO: The CRO is the only membership media platform for Corporate Responsibility practitioners, and the professional service providers and non-profit influencers that serve them. The CRO publishes the 20,000-subscriber ‘CRO’ Magazine and TheCRO.com, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and produces the twice-annual CRO Conferences, webinars and video events. With more than 120 members including leading companies Sara Lee, Amtrak, IBM, Citigroup, Chubb Insurance, Mattel, Intel, Dell, Pepsi, Home Depot, Starbucks, Avon, Gap, State Street, Xerox, leading providers such as Deloitte, Baker & McKenzie, SAP, Hogan & Hartson, Grant Thornton, Golin Harris, Ketchum, Cone, LRN, Integrity Interactive, and nonprofits including Stanford University, Boston College, UCLA, and Harvard. Corporate membership information can be found at TheCRO.com.